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can I play poker online i

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looking for affordable online 6max coaching
  asdf2000, Nov 09 2020

I moved to PA and by coincidence I saw that I can play pokerstars in PA so I am giving it a go. I got my degree in computer science but I think I would still prefer to try to do this.

I am looking for coaching. Discerning in who I would accept coaching from.

My funds are extremely limited, but I am not asking to be staked or loaned or backed or anything. Some kind of scheme for payment would have to be developed, perhaps profit sharing? Anyone who knows me know I have a high level of potential. I am just looking to re-sharpen my game as quickly as possible. Also, I'd like to have someone skilled to check hands with and a solid strategy to be playing with, so that I have more confidence in my game and will be less effected by any runbad.

If this doesn't sound possible then I guess I will go it alone.

If any of you are a strongly winning 6max player and are interested, please let me know. I'd prefer to do this with an LPer or someone related to starcraft.

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can we play poker online in the usa yet?
  asdf2000, Mar 19 2013

like on stars or FTP?
a couple states are supposed to be legal to play online right? how does that work? I want a way to make more money than I just make from my jerb (could go to the casino but it wouldn't be as efficient cuz it could only be weekends)

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